Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete

and  Wet Cast Stone
These two products are becoming ever more popular with professional construction companies and builders.  GRC is a lightweight option whilst Wet Cast Stone can be cast with integral
reinforcement which has hard wearing and load bearing properties.
  1. GRC Retro Fit Door Surrounds and Wet Cast Copings
    GRC Retro Fit Door Surrounds and Wet Cast Copings
  2. GRC Door Surround Standard Size
    GRC Door Surround Standard Size
  3. GRC Fluted Pilaster
    GRC Fluted Pilaster
  4. GRC Diverse Useages
    GRC Diverse Useages
  5. Wet Cast Stone
    Wet Cast Stone
  6. Standard GRC Door Surround
    Standard GRC Door Surround

GRC  (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete)

Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) is a specialist product that gives great aesthetics and has the technical ability to be manufactured in thin, large panels.  This environmentally friendly composite product, with its low consumption of energy and natural raw materials can be cast to create a wide variety of finished designs.  It is possible to make plain panels, intricate and ornate cornices at eaves level, columns, architraves, door surrounds and so on.    
With the ability to cast as thin as 10mm you can see why this product can produce lightweight options to some interesting challenges.  It is no wonder that progressive designers, architects, engineers and end users choose it for its flexible ability to meet performance, appearance and cost parameters.   The versatility of this product is exceptional and as you can see from the gallery above, the flexibility of its us to create contemporary and classical design is enviable.    All products supplied by ST Brick and Stone are made by an International GRCA member.

Wet Cast Stone

Wet Cast Stone is a very durable product that has the appearance of freshly quarried and finished natural stone, but with the ability to be reinforced with steel to take structural loads.  It is a very desirable product to use where cast stone is required to span openings and act as a structural support.  For applications such as stone lintels, step treads and risers, Wet Cast Stone is ideal.  It has a contemporary feel that lends itself well to modern architecture and blends well with glas and steel to produce great architecture.    
Casting methods and mould making are absolutely key when it comes to choosing the right product.  Here at ST Brick and Stone we have the knowledge and experience to understand when things are right.  We ensure that all wet cast stone products supplied by us are made to exacting tollerances and conform to the current British Stnadard BS1217.  With over 28 years or cast stone experience to offer, you can relax and let us help you with all your cast stone requirements from inception to delivery.